RULES to request a logo !

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RULES to request a logo ! Empty RULES to request a logo !

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RULES to request a logo ! Flagbritain50
Logo request policy

A [closed/open] tag will indicate you our current status.
Please bear in mind that we put quality logos above all. We feel that otherwise, it would no longer be possible to create quality logos AND create them within a fair time span for our customers.

Please, pay very strict attention to the following rules before you request a logo :

Arrow About teams, please indicate in your newly created topic (title) :
- Sort of request (logo, banner, both)
- Team’s name
- Today’s date

Arrow About federations, please indicate in your newly created topic (title) :
- [fédé]
- Federation’s name
- Today’s date

Arrow Concerning the request, few elements are required :
- Both Name and ID for teams. ID for federations.
- Global idea, shape, colors ...

If your request does not fulfill those rules, it won’t be accepted.
Requests made on another support will automatically be removed.

Feel free to submit images to the staff when your request a logo/banner. It’s always useful for us.
Please bear in mind that Hattrick allow a tiny space to our logos. So, keep it simple and realistic, do not ask too many things.
Original and creative requests are generally very successful. Think about it when you request your logo/banner.

Few rules:
Hattrick Rules

Name and logo policy
Even if the logos we like the best are those with a real connection to the team in any way, we are rather open-minded about the content of the logos and the names you choose for your club. But in order to make sure gamers don't misuse this freedom to offend or discriminate anyone (deliberately or not) and in defence of voices from various females, parents and people from countries or religions with more stern values - some things are not ok to put in your logo or use as a name. Hattrick should be fun and safe to play by everyone, irrespective of their age, gender, origin, race or religion
• No offensive, insulting, derogatory or discriminating names/logos (to group or other), including racist, fascist and terror org. symbols and similar.
• No sexually explicit content, including nudity, semi-nudity or sexually provocative poses. People should be decently dressed.
• No promotion of criminal activities or use of illegal goods or substances.

About logos, You have to be HT supporter in order to display it.

About banners, We reserve the right to refuse your request if your website is too recent ( less than a few weeks ) and/or if your website is not kept up to date. You would easily understand that it is all about wasting our time or not.

As well, you are not allowed to request a new logo/banner on our website if your current one has been made for less than 6 months, no matter if it has been created here or someplace else.

We Do Not create logos/banners for other websites or other games than Hattrick.
We Do Not design animated logos.

Please watch your behavior. Impatience and jealousy regarding other requests chosen before yours is not accepted here. There is no delivery within. Some logos might be done very quickly, for several reasons (simple request, very creative one, personal taste …).
So please no whine. Our staff is amateur. Always keep it easy and be cool !

Our tip : Before you request your logo/banner, please take a very close look to 5 other requests, 5 requests already done and 5 refused requests. This will help you to avoid basic mistakes.

Example of correct request
1/ Title

Please indicate in your newly created topic (title) :
-Sort of request ( logo, banner, both )
-Team’s name/Federation's name
-Today’s date

2/ Your post

Hey, Ht Colors’ crew

I am xxxx owner of (Team/Federation) xxxx ID (xxxx), and I would like to request a (logo/banner/both) for (my team/my website/ my team and my website/ my federation).

Regarding my logo, I would be interested in something about (global idea) xxxx. Here are some pictures you could use
http://www. xxxxxxxxx .com
About the shape, I was thinking to xxxx. In order to help, I really like this xxxx
Regarding colors, my picks are xxxx.

Establishment date (should / should not) appear and my team’s name should appear (inside / up / down) the logo.

Thanks for your time guys,


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